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g_defend's Journal

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G-Defend rabu rabu
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Finding English-speaking G-defend fans can be hard. Believe me, I know, and I'm always on the look out. Here I hope we can gather and share our love for this manga, as well as possibly spread the joy to others...

Any Newbies to the list, feel free to do an intro post, just letting us know who you are, how you found G-defend, favorite characters, etc. or whatever fun things you wanna share. :)


Due to sara_tanaquil's and wednesday_10_00's most noble efforts, there are in-depth summaries for the earlier volumes (Sara you rock!) as well as some chapters in directly from the monthly magazine release, Ichiraci, starting with the chapter following the end of Vol. 24. Both are saved in the memories section, or logged here.

Please check them out! (And remember to thank the lovely people providing us with the summaries! )


Not much of G-defend has been scanlated, and several groups have given it a start and not gotten much of anywhere. However, recently (Spring 2011) Storm in Heaven has started up on the project again as well as offering the earlier scanlated versions for d/l on their site, found here.


Also, if people are in search of more info, there's not many places out there to find stuff on this most wonderful of series, but here are a few:

Tosuisha's Morimoto Shu page OFFICIAL SITE - JAPANESE There's not much info here, and it's all in Japanese, but it does have some free sample chapters up and some links.

Baka-Updates Managa: G-Defend info page If you're unfamiliar with Baka-updates, it's a great resource for basic summaries of manga, lengths of series, if it's scanlated/licensed etc.

Senshi Gaguken - G-Defend (Has some good info on the earlier series, but it hasn't been updated since 2004, so it's missing any later developments/characters)

Purple Heaven A 'zine/dj written by several female members of the JDG...it's hilarious, please check it out! There's also a great in-depth timeline outlining most of the major events in GD up to ~vol 27.

If anyone finds and/or starts any other G-defend sites, please let me know, I'll happily add them!

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