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Introduction [Jan. 16th, 2015|03:16 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu
Joined a month or so ago but been meaning to post here. It was great to find a community dedicated to G-defend. There is so much great material here about the characters and couples. I especially love the summaries that wednesday_10_00 and sara-tanaquil were willing to write up. It's unfortunate they've gotten too busy to continue with the project but I'm appreciating what has been done. One of my goals is to learn Japanese one day but financially, that's not an option right now. It'd be great to see this community active again in the future. Meanwhile, I'll just keep an eye on bamboo feathers and wait for new chapters.
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[Request] Purchasing G-Defend Volume 40 [Aug. 7th, 2014|04:47 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! I'm looking for a site where I can purchase G-Defend Volume 40. I tried amazon.co.jp but there are no sellers who would ship overseas without the price reaching almost $30 per volume (urgh..) I'm planning to also purchase Vol 45 (released this August 20th), so anyone can recommend me any good sites? I previously purchased Vol 42-44 from Acclimate Solution site but I found out just a few days ago that the site is no longer available. Such bad luck. It offered quite an affordable price for international shipping. Now I don't have any good sites to purchase G-Defend with affordable price ><;;
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[Request] Translation for Chapter 57 Volume 36 [May. 8th, 2014|12:06 am]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! I'm not sure whether anyone can help me out or not but I would like to request translation for this particular chapter (57th) from Volume 36. I have a general idea of the story line and all but I can't understand most dialogues since I'm still not good in Chinese. And I can't seem to find Japanese version of this volume. I greatly appreciate your time and help! Thank you!
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[Question] Age [Apr. 29th, 2014|05:26 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! It's me again! Just getting excited to receive the 44th volume of G-Defend soon so I end up rereading the previous volumes..when it came across my mind about the G-Defend characters' age..Are there any part in the manga where they list down all the characters' age? I'm curious to find out about it (especially my favourite couple: Kishitani and Ikegami)...Any help is much appreciated!
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[Question] Sakaguchi and his partner [Apr. 23rd, 2014|02:30 am]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! It's quite a random question but I'm really curious about this couple. Since I'm not that great at reading Japanese and Chinese (still learning), I'm curious and would like to know more about Motoki's best friend; Sakaguchi and his partner (Masayama?). Are there any chapters detailing about their relationship? Did Masayama shared room with Motoki's partner; Noda? Would love to know more about them.Thank you.
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begging, pleading, etc [Apr. 2nd, 2014|11:46 am]
G-Defend rabu rabu

So as a longtime fan of G-Defend I am happily in possession of all 43 volumes, technically -- specifically, I just got back from Japan with the latest couple volumes and of course now what I want to do is reread the others. Not-so-fortunately, however, I'm currently at grad school in a different country from my manga collection. So... I don't suppose anyone here could point me in the direction of, or even upload, any Japanese language scans? I will take any volume before 40! This is the request of a desperate person. A desperate person who owns the entire series and firmly believes in supporting the mangaka, for the record.

(NB: the uploads at Aarinfantasy labeled "Japanese" are in fact, like every other set of scans I've found, Chinese. So that's a no go I'm afraid.)

In return... well, I know most of this comm speaks Japanese, and if you've got access to Japanese scans that probably goes double. But if anyone who can hook me up does want a particular story translated, I would be more than happy to do so. I've already done both volumes of the second Communication Game and the first volume of the training academy arc just for kicks so I can post those, or I've got volumes 40-43 here with me, or of course I can go off whatever scans I can get. Your wish, etc.

Many many thanks in advance!
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[Question] Regarding Iwase's illness in Vol 20 [Nov. 12th, 2013|01:57 am]
G-Defend rabu rabu

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Hi! It's me again! I'm re-reading G-Defend, like for the thousandth time already (never seems to be bored of it XD) and I was wondering if anyone can tell me about Iwase's illness in Vol 20. Did he catch a cold or something? It seemed serious though..I'm just curious since I'm reading the Japanese RAWs and the quality is quite bad (some words are so blurry I can't even read them). Anyway, thank you!
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[Request] Translation on G-Defend Vol 18 [Nov. 7th, 2013|12:09 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! I was wondering if maybe anyone here can do a rough translation on G-Defend Vol 18? The part where it tells the story about Ikegami and Kishitani..? I really love this couple and reading the chapters where the couples appear without understanding what's really going on really frustrates me since I can barely read Japanese and Chinese. ><;; just a rough one is fine..I just need to know why they were fighting in this chapter. I'm sorry for this selfish request! Thank you!
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Introduction and need for help! [Nov. 6th, 2013|05:11 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu

Hi! I'm new to this community although I've been a real big fan of Morimoto Shuu-sensei's works for quite some time now. Even though I can barely read Japanese and just started learning Chinese recently, I've been collecting the Japanese and Chinese RAWs of G-Defend since, like forever! I realized that some of the members here share the translations for G-Defend and I greatly appreciate it! Thank You! It really pains me whenever I couldn't understand the contents of G-Defend whenever I try to read them ><;; So, I'm trying to learn Japanese and Chinese as best as I can right now..Well, enough of my introduction, I kinda need help regarding on how to buy G-Defend (Japanese) via online. I'm kinda new to this 'buying items online' kinda thing and I hope if someone can teach me that. Is there a specific site the members here use to buy G-Defend manga? Is it through http://www.tosuisha.co.jp/? I'm living in Australia and does it requires any specific rules or regulations to follow before buying the manga and such? What's the method of payments used etc? I'm thinking of buying G-Defend Vol 42 for starters and how long do you think it will take before I receive it? I greatly appreciate it if someone can teach me the do's and don't's of buying G-Defend online >< Thank you so much for your time!!
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GD 20th Anniversary Artbook [Jul. 25th, 2013|09:45 pm]
G-Defend rabu rabu

I'm so happy I had literal tears in my eyes when I saw pics of it, no lie.


And Morimoto-sensei made a 20th Anniversary Artbook for it and I want it so much it pains me why do I have no money and I found a kind soul who has posted pics of some of the pages in the book here. (I really really hope very much that bamboo_feathers will scanlate it as well, if possible). There are many beautiful drawings and a short at the end.

The aforementioned kind soul has also translated the character interviews into Chinese here for those interested! There are interviews for:

- Ishikawa Haruka
- Iwase Motohisa
- Nishiwaki Tatsumi
- Hashizume Shino
- Alex Sakamoto
- Marti Scott
- Crowe (still no surname?)
- Asano Lennon (Eh, he's of mixed blood? I forgot)
- Uzaki Mahiro
- Maya Hiryuu
- Motoki Sougo (You know what I really don't like the 'official' English names. Why put 'Sohgo')
- Noda Yoshimi
- Jou Kimichika
- Sasai Mio
- Kishitani Takaya
- Ikegami Jun

(Is anyone interested in a telephone translation of the interviews? I could do it, but the fastest would be early August because I have tests coming up)

To those who know how to read Chinese: Someone has asked the publishing house about Chinese translations already, apparently the editor's still assesing? What's there to assess about tho just do it learn from Nike
Slightly spoilery things under the cut:Collapse )
That's all for now, I'm gonna inspect those pics so very carefully after my tests. And I'll try to look for the 10th Anniversary Artbook too then, there's supposed to be one right? But I wonder if I can dig it up after 10 years *grimaces*

I'm so happy urgh
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